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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

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“I am not weak still I have not slapped him,” Diggy Chacha

Gandhian leader Diggy Chacha who was famous for his quotes that Suresh Kalmadi and Ashok Chavan are innocent has accused to be slapped to a young leader of BJP. When we asked a senior Congress leader that Diggy Chacha was one who favored Gandhian approach recently through his kind words of “Osamaji” how can he slap somebody?” As far as we know, Gandhiji told everybody that if somebody slapped you on one cheek forward other to him so that he can feel respected for you. Congress leader said that Diggy Chacha still believes in Gandhian Philosophy only. He also tried to implement at the time of BJP youth leaders.

Congress leader said “Diggy Chacha approached one skinny youth leader who trying to create ruckus,” He further added that Diggy Chacha told him to slap on one of his cheeks so that he can forward the other. That way Diggy Chacha’s intention was simple that the activist feel ashamed and he would respect him and will stop the disturbance. However, he got confused when Diggy Chacha showed his one cheek to him and ask him to slap. For some time he became thoughtless, to show how to follow the process Diggy Chacha gave him a demo,” However, before slapping on second phase that guy ran away.” He said that Diggy Chacha quoted as saying “I am not weak.” But that’s also a half truth. Diggy Chacha said “Don’t run like this you should become strong at inner levels like Mahatmaji. You should show me your other cheek as well. See I am not weak. I will put my cheek in front of you. Come here.” But as usual media and BJP’s hindu extremists have created a real havoc.

He told DCFC that these kinds of rumors are common for Diggy Chacha. Last month there was a funny rumor about him that last month he had joined in punching and kicking a man who tried to throw a shoe at Janardhan Dwivedi during a Congress briefing in Delhi. Funny stories made by media. Ha… ha… ha….

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