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Friday, 24 June 2011

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Unheard to Diggy Chacha can't exist in the world; Government agrees

The most intellectual person on earth, Diggy Chacha asked government to inquire about bugging and tapping of the finance ministry’s office (Please check his statement below). He himself has agreed that whatever happened with finance minister’s office was something which was unheard of (Diggy Chacha’s humbleness). However, Chacha’s aggressiveness created pressure on the government to come infront of media and tell the truth that nothing such kind of things ever happened.

We at Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DFC) agreed with the government and understand that something which was not known or unheard thing to Diggy Chacha cannot come into existence.

Diggy Chacha’s Statement
"I was literally surprised that finance minister's office may be tapped, may be bugged. This is something which is unheard of and I think the government should take a sort of view on this and should inquire into who is responsible." He was asked if there was need for an inquiry into the issue.

Important Note
Diggy Chacha yet to disown or disagree this comment or to say that the statement took in the wrong context. DFC will update you.

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