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Friday, 24 June 2011

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Anna challenges Diggy Chacha despite he disowns statement

Anna seems not to be updated with various news reports. Though, our highly intelligent person on earth, Mr. Diggy Chacha refused the statement which media thinks he made earlier, Anna thought it as challenge. Diggy Chacha has already made it clear that it was conspiracy (as usual) from media (as media has only one person to track on this earth, and that too our honourable Diggy Chacha).  

Unaware of entire saga, Gandhian leader Anna reacted strongly to the statement made by Diggy Chacha, Hazare said, "I am representing whole nation, not any political party. I have people's support and blessing. It is people who decide about Lokpal Bill and not government". He will continue his fast no matter what he encounters, he added.
However, we are awaiting Chacha’s reply as he is also a sole representative on the earth and he has much more broader interests.

Important Note
Diggy Chacha has already disowned the statement

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