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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

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Indian Mummy found saying her son not to comment or like on Facebook varna Police aa jaayegi


City based Mummy Rajana found saying her son Chunky not to comment or like on Facebook which may take him to jail. The development came after Mumbai Police arrested two girls for posting and liking a comment on bandh held in Mumbai on Monday.

"Beta Chunky, Facebook pe Kuch bhi comment ya like mat karnaa warnaa Police aa jayegi," found Rajana telling her 9 year old son when he was not moving his eyes from Facebook page.

The shocking comment resembles popular yesteryear movie 'Sholay' when famous robber Gabbar Singh tells his associate 'Samba' "Pachchas pachchas kos dur agar koi bachcha rota hai to uski ma keheti hai bachcha so ja warna Gabbar aa jaayega."

Experts said that today Mummies are mostly affraid of law than the destructors of law. The word 'Gabbar Singh' is interchangeable to the words Kapil Sibal, Digvijay Singh, Manmohan Singh and now Police.

"This rising threat can only destroy the famous right to tweet or like," said College going Rashmi Pansare from Mumbai.

Delhi based Archita Sharma told that she was warned by her mom again and again not to tweet or like something that she thinks is funny or likeable.

"Because every likeable or funny or significant thing is against some political party like Shiv Sena, or some stupid politician, or government," said Sharma.

Government said that it would act in every possible manner to reduce this rising trend of calling Police as Gabbar Singh.

"I will tell Police Officers that just keep tabs on the comments and likes. If something found rude or untolerable against me, myself or anybody in the politics then find the house of that bloody idiot. Go over there and slap him hard on both the cheeks. Kick on his ass and then comeback. Don't take him to jail warna Katju aa jaayega," said Kapil Sibal.

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