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Saturday, 17 November 2012

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I am happiest person in the world as 2G auction failed - Kapil Sibal


I can't express my feelings that I have been accumulating since the day 2G auction failed and government couldn't collect the require money to reduce fiscal deficit. It is difficult to measure my happiness as the auction failed by widest of margin that I expected. I specially want express my gratitude towards the current economic slowdown which was the major reason for failure of the 2G auction. Wow such an intense feeling that even Abhishek Manu never gets even after releasing orgasm.

I always felt that people are so stupid thinking that we are really concerned about the things make their life easier. Oh sucks! If that happens nobody would be happy in the world. Take example of A Raja. He found a simple way come here take the 2G license for free. It was a win-win situation. First take the license for free and then ask a foreign company to pay an exorbitant amount to buy a small stake in that company. We showed an easy way of becoming billion dollar company. As a populist government it was our first duty to build strong companies for the nation. We are a government and not like sadak chaap baniyas who usually charges for each-n-everything. How come CAG thought that we would have charged so much of fees on these small companies which were going to become biggies like Reliance?

Look at the estimate of Rs1.76 lakh crore. What stupid estimate that was? No company in India has such kind of amount to pay us. Further this is a no-profit and no-loss government and therefore it can't think from the profit making point of view. Therefore, A Raja thought of going in a unique way that was suitable for poor companies to apply for 2G license. Now this CAG measures everything in terms of profit and loss. This is the stupidest way of identifying the benefits to society. The government works in a simpler way. Allow to use natural resources for free of cost and collect the revenues from the middle class public. But CAG's way of tackling the entire issue was very complex.

I really feel that with failed auction CAG also lost the moral authority to suggest government that it should not make any losses by selling the natural resources for free of cost. We are selling water, air and sun light for free of cost. We started giving spectrum, coal and iron ore for free of cost. Tomorrow many other things such as land, trees and animals would be made available for free of cost to Indian companies. And in near future we will also sell you guys, you all guys at free of cost and then that time CAG will not say anything.

Today I am happiest man on the earth for not getting sufficient revenue from 2G auction to the nation. Wow! Such a marvelous feeling that I have.

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