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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney confirmed that they are friends outside by spitting on each other

Trashing popular notion that they are rivals, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney confirmed that they feel like they are damn good friends like ass and asshole. To demonstrate their friendliness they spitted on each other.
"Guys, we actually proclaim as rival on the stage of US Presidency elections. But inside we are friends and admirers of each other and we have heavy bondage for each other," said US President Barack Obama who kept his hand on Romney's waist and told him to come closer so that they could demonstrate their love and affection to each other.
Both the Presidential candidates are going through a rigorous test of elections today.
"Results really don't matter we will remain as best friends and mostly whenever we will meet next time onwards we will hug and caress each other. It is damn fucking ass holes US civillians are that we have to portray them as enemies," said US President candidate Mitt Romney.
There after they demonstrated their love and affection by spitting thrice on each other while making grrrrr sound.

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