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Friday, 12 October 2012

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Rahul Gandhi said 9 out of 10 female world-wide ejaculate


Consistent ejaculation results into loss of productivity and efficiency of the World - Rahul

After making a scathing remark on Punjabi youth, that 70% are addicted to drugs, India's future Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi said that 90% female ex-India generally ejaculates. This sensational statement of Rahul attracted many intellectual women from all over the world.

"Yes! I know it very well, they sometimes ejaculate. And I am damn sure the number is 9 out of 10%. 90% of worldwide female are ejaculating automatically," said Rahul Gandhi giving the reference to the research of Congress Party's International Division.

He said "Being ejaculating sometimes or even everytime, I feel we lost productivity and efficiency, also as a world that makes us quite backward. I want Earth to become the most developed planet in the universe with highest productivity and efficiency. I urge all women to keep themselves calm and be patient, so that as a globe we will be the most developed aliens across the universe."

Rahul Gandhi's remark on female ejaculation just attracted attention of many international women.

International Liberation Front of Intelligent and Never be Idiot Women (ILFINIW) President Julia Foster said "Who is this Raul and why this stupid passing statements on private righteous performance of women?"

She said "How does he know whether a female ejaculate or not? Where did he learn? What is his experience? Are we alien? What kind of nonsense he is making?"

However, Congress Party leaders tried to clarify Rahul's remarks.

Law Minister Salman Khurshid said "See guys, I can give my life for Rahul Baba. He is most intelligent and sensible guy I have ever found in the world. Therefore, keeping your mouth shut and just move your as$es as soon as possible would be good for your health."

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