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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

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I am not a dickhead to become Prime Minister, he he he - Nitish Kumar

Kingmaker's job is perfect for him
Nitish Kumar confirmed that he is not a dickhead to become a prime minister of India after his colleague Sushil Kumar Modi said that Nitish is eligible to become Prime Minister.
Nitish Kumar in a bizarre response to the query made by India Satire Correspondent said "I am not fuc*ing idi*t to take that position which is just like a banana sucked by any road side guy. It is damn irritating position. I can't imagine myself becoming a really bad damn dic*head just to show that I am a Prime Minister of India."
India is facing dicey situation on the choice of Prime Minister after 2014. Many candidates are already lined up to marry the seat, however, Nitish said that he was ready for sacrificing this position to some idi*t dic*head and a*shole who will manage this job on his terms.
"Soniaji is my role model. She just gave me a gist of the real spiritual happiness by sacrificing best position of India and remain as a King Maker," said Nitish Kumar "I want to become King Maker."
Currently, Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Lalkrishna Advani are told as the expected candidates of Prime Minister of India. Sources said that P A Sangma also lined up for the candidature after his failure in President's Election.

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