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Monday, 10 September 2012

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After arresting Aseem Trivedi, Government to form Cartoon Regulator, added few new faces including Cogress leaders to national symbols

Kids will be identified in their schools itself and would put behind the bars if feel notorious like Aseem Trivedi - Kapil Sibal
After arresting cartoonist Aseem Trivedi, India's Education Minister along with Law Minister announced a Regulator for Cartooning in India to make the job of cartoonist more sensible and mature. The government has also decided in today’s urgent meeting that it would first ignore all other work related to general public and will formulate the rules and regulations to cartoonists of India, as considering it internal attack on politicians.
"Yes behind every arrest of a cartoonist is a success mantra for new cartoonists. By arresting Mr. Trivedi actually we saved new generation from making sins," said India's Education Minister Kapil Sibal.
He said "Actually, there is zero loss to India’s population in spite of Aseem’s jail, as India still considers jail population in the census."
Government made its point clear that it wanted to implement sensibility and perseverance among Indian pupils from the time of their education otherwise they would become threat to security of the politicians by degrading and dumping them in front of Indians.
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“I am actually in discussion with Salman (Khurshid) for implementation of Sensibility Law and also for Parliamentarians, Right to Demand Sensibility,” said Kapil Sibal “I recommended him that it is serious issue and should get priority. Afzal saab might have killed us in one instance but by degrading us everyday these cartoonists and satirists are killing us every day.”
He also stressed that it would be the schooling life were one can identify the notorious children like Aseem Trivedi and arrest them there only as like Tax deducted at source by IT department.
 “I will love to add ‘Cartooning and Sensible Satire Writing’ as a subject in India’s schools so that,” said Kapil Sibal, who invented a great ‘Zero Loss Theory’, “And if somebody is not following the teachings of that subject we will just throw that kid into jail.”
He said “He he he… There are so many plans in my mind, but the thing is can’t really talk about them, right now. First thing was to put these idi*ts behind the bars and then formulate rules and regulations about making cartoons and writing notorious satires. We first will decide which are the personas not allowed to get the hit of cartoons. Those include myself, madamji, Rahulji, Manmohanji, Diggy, Chiddu, and all other UPA government allied leaders.”
While Aseem Trivedi's arrest attracted a new debate on social networking sites over the freedom of expression on blogs, websites and on Twitter and Facebook, the government is in no hurry to arrest all those who are condemning arrest of Trivedi on the alleged cartoons.
"That's true. Actually, we are scanning through every comment that is made on these sites plus TOI and HT's websites. Though, the comments are spreading hate against us, we are not in hurry to arrest all these comment trespassers. We actually planned a Cartoon Regulator which will directly scan all the cartoons and will approve or disprove them," said Salman Khurshid.
He said "The regulator will check if there is India's flag or Parliament's photo or Sonia Gandhiji's cartoon, as we consider her our Bharat Mata and will allow it to publish. We also plan to add some more symbols in the list of nation's pride which include my own cartoon, Chiddu, Sibal, Manmohanji, Rahul Baba, Digvijay Singh and few other small and medium sized brain politicians. Regulator will not allow these cartoons to be passed on."

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