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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

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PMO blocked Jalandhar's Manmohan Singh for using PM's name since his birth and looking idiot

Jalandhar: Punjab
PMO will also charge huge fine for making mockery of PM's name based on retrospective method
While relooking its Twitter strategy by planning to block few twitter accounts, Prime Minister's Office (PMO) of India banned Jalandhar based Manmohan Singh for looking actually a living parody of India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
"How can somebody named Manmohan Singh look so stupid and idiot while actual Manmohan Singh is so serious, shy and calm looking guy. Disgusting," said an official of PMO without disclosing his name.
He said "We might have faced some problems blocking twitter ids but blocking this useless guy is easier for us. We are going to give him some another name and would put him in jail for using Manmohan Singh's name and give a handful over there. We also plan to take his Mummy and Daddy to the court so that they should also get punished for giving such a seriously important name to such a ludicrous and whimsical looking guy."
The PMO is also plan to charge him huge penalty based on retrospective method since his birth for using Prime Minister's name.
"Yes we shall charge him a fine for using Dr. Manmohan Singh's name since his birth and that too retrospectively," said official.
 "We are fine with parody, even though at times it is in bad taste, and there is criticism of the government. But we cannot allow anyone to misrepresent the PM's name to a nonsense person," he said.
When India Satire Correspondent reached Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh for his comments, he nodded the development moving his head up and down for a while. However, besides that he avoided anything to talk about it.
Jalandhar based Manmohan Singh who has become victim of parodising the great post of PM said "Oye, what the hell is this? How does it matter my name Manmohan Singh? Oye I want to file a case against Prime Minister for using my name and embarrassing me everywhere. Whoever hears my name tries to confirm whether I can speak or not. Oye people look at me with bad taste."

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