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Friday, 3 August 2012

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Indian Hockey team will enter in politics if they don’t succeed in hockey

Taking inspiration from team Anna, hockey players will remove dirty politics by entering in politics
Taking a serious note of shameless loss against New Zealand in the Olympics, the entire Indian Hockey team committed their few remaining fans that either they will win or would join Indian politics.
"We have options open for joining politics. Today our match is against the entire corrupt political system of India and therefore we will have to win it," Bharat Chettri told India Satire correspondent with a loud voice.
Indian Hockey players were earlier criticized for playing politics within the team for paltry reasons of not making pass or forgetting his place in the mid-field and playing from center forward.
He said "By beating Germany and then Korea and Belgium and afterwards, winning semis and finals would be actual win against corrupt politicians who are eating out everything in the Indian sports. However, if we couldn't perform and win today or tomorrow or on the day of final, we promise you we shall join politics and remove the entire dirt on the Indian sports economy."
He said "Our battle is not with any country it is against entire political system."
Indian Hockey team which was not performing up to the mark was criticized by media for having selfish players and no team work.
"See in politics, team work is required. So there are all the options are open that don't break while the short term hiccups never break the alliance. We are inspired by team Anna, and thought why not join politics and help improve the sports in India, particularly find lost glory of the Hockey team," said Bharat Chettri.
However, Michael Nibbs, India Hockey team's coach took a serious note of Chettri's comments and he said "Rather than focusing on your game, taking such a ridiculous decision gives an idea that team doesn't want to win. Besides winning there are no options and I don't have courage to teach hockey to Indian politicians."

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