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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

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Finance Minister P Chidambaram appoints a committee to understand why the hell stock markets go up and down everyday

Blood Pressure like movement of the markets irritates Chidambaram
Finance Minister showed his irritation over the daily weird movements of the stocks and capital markets and appointed a committee to understand why it goes up and down.

"I was a bit relaxed while working as Home Minister. Therefore, I made a big bang entry in the markets. But now when I look at my portfolio its almost reached at zero loss levels. Still I amaze why the fu*k equities go up and down and who the as*hole makes buy and sell decision," said P Chidambaram.
He said as now I have a finance portfolio I am a bit busy therefore thought asking all my officers to investigate how the hell this market function.
A source close to P Chidambaram said "P Chidambaram is quite amazed with an idea that the market goes up then comes down then again goes up and finally comes down. He gets confused. Recently he asked an intelligent question that why the hell market doesn't stay at a particular levels through-out the trading session. He said that there is no need that the movement of market should be like blood pressure and heart-beats graph. It raises his heart beat."
"Finally, Chidambaram decided to ask his IAS team spend some time and work out the idea how to make flatter and no movement kind of stuff so that many heart attacks including his own would be saved," said the source.

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