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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

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Rahul Gandhi announced all India padyatra ahead of 2014 elections

Rahul Gandhi will carry Forrest Gump like rally across India
According to sources, Congress Party has drawn an elaborate plan for 2014 elections which include Rahul Gandhi's 'Forrest Gump' like rally (padyatra) all over India to connect well with aam aadmis of India.
"We can't give details about the plan. But the plan is launching our hero Rahul Baba in a way that he can get connected through all over India. The said plan was demonstrated in Uttar Pradesh and it will be implemented through-out India in 2012 and 2013," said Manish Tewari Congress Spokesperson.
Sources said that the entire plan will be centered around Rahul Gandhi's padyatra which will not just inspire young generation to enter in Congress Party and aam aadmis which include lower caste, other than Hindu religion people and farmers to induce them for voting to Congress Party.
Nothing will stop him after this rally from becoming PM of India
"Rahul Baba will have 2600 km padyatra, almost 100 times more than what Mahatma Gandhi did at Dandi," said a source closed to the development.
He said "Rahul Baba will make a circular line in India starting from Delhi then moving towards Western India, then Southern parts, Eastern parts of India and finally coming back to North again while glancing over Central India. When he will comeback to North again, a crown of Prime Minister would be ready for him."
Source also confirmed that he will make great announcements during the rally. However, denied divulging any details.
While asked about how will Rahul Gandhi will walk for 2600 kms, he said "Stamina of Rahul Baba was always been underrated by media. He can walk, fly and run like Krrish. So walking 2600 kms is just a matter of time. Also he watched Forrest Gump and knows how to use that experience in this rally."

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