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Thursday, 26 July 2012

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After Maruti, Infosys employees planned violence against their managers

When Boss barks

Engineers will curse their managers with abusive words calling in their minds
According to an IB Alert, Infosys employees planned a Maruti Suzuki like violent protest against their managers which include 5 significantly bad abusive words to call in their minds.

After a violent protest at Maruti Suzuki plant in Manesar, Infosys employees also decided same intensity protests in the Infosys campus by calling their managers stupid and idiot in their minds showing their disrespect over work allocation, long work hours and ineligible idiot boss.
India Satire received a copy of Circular of Warning issued by IB (shown below). The circular says “Infosys employees plan to make violent protests against their respective managers in the similar lines of Maruti Suzuki, as the work conditions have deteriorated sharply for the company."
The circular also said that Infosys employees include high level Maoist supplied from US based California which are increasing the intensity of intolerance levels of other employees.
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“That’s true. We have issued a red alert to Infosys and Karnataka Police and warned them about such protests created by the employees. Our first investigation report suggests that Californian Maoists are involved in such kind of protests,” said an Intelligence Bureau (IB) Official, requesting anonymity.
Official said "There were many sadist Californian IT professionals which were thrown out of their respective organisations in the recessionary period, which joined Indian IT Professionals turned Maoists (IIPM), a banned organisation. Most of them are now working for Infosys and few other IT companies. Recently, they became active in these companies by increasing the intolerance levels of their other colleagues against allocated stupid jobs and long working hours."
A survey conducted by Business Today-AC Nielsen, gives astonishing figure that the temper of IT employees is increasing by 30% every year since 2008 and it will reach to warning levels in next 2 years.
Pradeep Sharma, Business Today surveyor said “Generally, IT employees, particularly from Infosys were known as cool dudes but for past 2 years they lost this status and there is no difference between a person carrying 50kg boxes of industrial material and Infosys employee.”
IB official said that the Maoists took the benefits of rising temper of the IT professionals and now they have been pulled into a serious protest.
He said "The protests would be 5 abusive words (list given below) calling in their own minds to their managers whenever he asks them for long working hours or gives some stupid expressions."
Few Infosys employees agreed that they are going to start such kind of violent protests.
"Our managers are such losers that they deserve few gaaliyas (abusive words). However, we shall also touch base it by some non violence told by Mahatmaji and we shall call him stupid or loser in our mind only," said an employee of Infosys.
List of Abusive words
Saala (under debate to check is it really authentic to call him saala)

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