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Thursday, 7 June 2012

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Rahul Gandhi refused to use Planning Commission's toilet, as it was not aam toilet

Event happened when Rahul Baba gave a surprise-visit to the headquarter of Commission
In a surprise visit to headquarter of Planning Commission, Rahul Gandhi meekly refused to use Planning Commission's toilet telling it was not aam toilet.

"I humbly refused Monty Uncle's request to use the toilet of Planning Commission's headquarters, despite I was very much fervent to clear my tummy," said Rahul Baba, India's future Prime Minister.
Development happened when Rahul Gandhi visited Planning Commission's head office yesterday. While he was discussing with Montek Singh Ahluwalia about India's economic situation and world that is close to an end in 2012, Rahul Baba became agitated after digestion issues cropped up on yesterday's little bit heavy Italian food.
Finally exasperated Rahul Baba left the road, asked security guard address of Sulabh Shauchalaya which, he couldn't give as he was also using same headquarter's toilet. Before using a side lane, Montek Singh caught him up and sent him to his house without delay.
Rahul Baba told India Satire Correspondent "When Monty Uncle showed me the toilet I was astonished and told him that it was a very costly and aam aadmi, whom I represent can't afford it. He said then so what in Rs 28 as it is he will have to seat on the street or on green grass. However, in spite of his lot of convincing statements I clearly told him that this toilet seat is not for me. Though I am a Prince, even at my house I specially gave an aam aadmi look to my individual toilet. Every Prince should observe the intensity of the problems of his aam aadmis."
Sources said that Montek Singh Ahluwalia took Rahul Baba's statement very seriously and asked the feasibility report from the Plan panel for supplying Rs 35 lakh toilets to aam aadmis in India.
Sources also told that since Montek announced the poverty line of Rs 28 per person per day, he eats only 2 plates of Pasta daily.

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