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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

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Kapil Sibal asked the doctors to make assure that DNAs of all new kids should be uniformed

Initiative will help solve all kinds of problems in a uniform way
After instigating a unique kind of step that one nationwide common entrance test, Kapil Sibal said that he now propose all DNAs of new born babies should be uniform to help them tackle the life problems in much easier and similar ways.

"Yes, I have asked my team to work out the formula seating with the Health Minister of India so that new youth will have one solution for any kind of problem. My own observation suggests that everybody has similar kind of problems but our brain cells recognize them differently, due to variations in DNA. Therefore, I asked Indian Medicals Association to make all the DNAs uniform," said Kapil Sibal who is popular for his different thinking.
Recently, Kapil Sibal was criticized over his decision to have one nationwide common entrance test.
"I like everything to be uniform, lesser convolution. Make it simple and sweet," said Kapil Sibal.
His idea was that uniform DNAs would allow young generation to tackle all the problems in a uniform way. Post implementation of this kind of inimitable plan, young IT brigade will easily replace doctors while doctors will easily replace sweepers or plumbers. Accountants can easily take electricians jobs.
"My funda clearly shows that India will not have any kind of scarcity of employable people," said Kapil Sibal.
However, his idea is not taken in a good spirit in India. Many doctors, engineers and accountant parents among others protested against the idea and said that it would directly infringe on autonomy.
Sibal said "There is no intent to impact on the medical system autonomy…. DNA change process is being contemplated is to be set by the medicals association itself."

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