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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

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Internet surfer searching for 'hot mallu aunty' saw Aishwarya Rai's photo

Aishwarya Rai in depression when she came to know the news
Abhishek Bachchan has got another reason to irk on the media after a frequent internet surfer, Rajiv Malhotra got astonishing results on Google after he searched for hottest keywords in India 'hot desi mallu aunty'. Google gave Aishwarya Rai's photos as results for keyword search.

"Yes! actually earlier there were photos of Vidya Balan when I used to search 'hot mallu aunty' on Google images search due to her boldest fatty appearance in the Dirty Picture and thereafter many photos and videos of few 'B' grade actresses in south Indian film industry. However, I was shocked when yesterday I saw Aishwarya Rai while searching for the same keywords. Earlier, I read that Aish had lost weight significantly for Cannes but now this is shocking that Google gave such kind of results," said Rajiv Malhotra.
However, the news itself spread faster than earlier thought by anybody. Next day the news came on the front page of Times of India, which was unofficially considered as Bachchan family's PR paper. The news clipping drew thousands of comments suggesting Aishwarya the ways to lose her weight.
"Aish is depressed by reading all this nonsense and crap things. Why should be she considered as Mallu Aunty? We have formally filed a case against Google, taking assistance of IIPM head Arindam Chaudhuri," said furious Abhishek Bachchan.
Arindam was the first in the world who complained against search results of Google for joining his name to different kinds of scams, fraud, and calling him idi*t.
"I have an experience of leading these kinds of things. Lots of people mocked about me and I answered them showing my teeth," said Arindam.
Sources said that Aishwarya went through depression after reading this and asked help of Hrithik Roshan who also gone with such an experience after his movie 'Guzaarish' was flopped.
"She is now recovering and will take serious efforts of reducing weight," said Abhishek.

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