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Thursday, 14 June 2012

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After shutting down Mumbai's night life, ACP Vasant Dhoble will arrest people who are peeing on streets

He will also arrest dogs and bitches if they found having sex
After stopping all the immoral activities in the nightlife of Mumbai city, ACP Vasant Dhoble told reporters that he will arrest people who found peeing on the corners of road. He also got an additional charge by Maharashtra State Government to arrest dogs and bitches if they found conducting immoral activities like kissing, fondling and sex with each other on the road.

"Yes, I want to stop all the immoral activities in Mumbai. As now I have already shut all the pub owners and girls, who indulge in prostitution in those pubs, my eyes are on the people who are discharging their natural excreta on the roadside corners. I am glad to announce that I also got an additional charge to arrest dogs and bitches when they are indulge in sexual activities," said Dhoble.
Residents in Mumbai are planning to protest against Dhoble's encroachment on their basic right to free up their body and mind, which they have to unfortunately fulfill on the roads on account of absence of clean 'Sulabh Shauchalaya' and even sometimes non-availability of any kind of toilet.
"WTF, how can he stop us from pissing on the roads? He should first clean the toilets and then should talk rubbish," said Sujay Soni, a Bandra based resident.
Dhoble said "I understand the problem and I myself will start cleaning all the shauchalayas with my team also I have put a proposal to government to declare all the trees as natural shauchalayas."
However, he was not flexible on stopping dogs and bitches from sex.
"That will just send our culture to low levels. What will happen if my kids see such uncultural thing?" said Dhoble.
Reaction from association of dogs is yet to get.

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