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Monday, 11 June 2012

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After reaching Chennai, A raja announced his plans for moon safari just to recapture his life and reenergize him

Eager to take M Karunanidhi uncle and Kanimozhi as a good time company
After spending more than a year in Tihar jail of New Delhi, A Raja announced that he will go to Moon and mars for a big holiday to reenergize and reinvent himself. He made this announcement in a press conference after reaching Chennai for the first time, since Tihar jail treatment.

Talking about his plans, A Raja said "First I will have lots of Idili Sambhaar. I have become a deprived soul for it. Then I would like to take a big vacation to start finding lost life and understand myself better."
He said that he wants to understand how much more his brain can function and go beyond the boundaries to attract more and more money for the poor and poor people.
" I require a small Moon safari and a long vacations on Mars till I recharge my whole life again so that I can back with more strength to do more work for common man," said A Raja, who is popular among telecom companies for distributing licenses at hefty and attractive rates at the time when they were needed to be traded at peak rates.
But why did he choose moon and mars for vacations and does he have enough financial strength to really afford the visits.
"Don't talk nonsense," A Raja roared "There is no place in the world that remains so valuable for me after buckets of money I accumulated since I became telecom minister. For the financial strength, no need to ask me whether I can afford it or not, but the thing is whether people can afford to listen that I can go to Moon or not."
He also informed that he had detailed talks with M Karunanidhi, head of DMK.
"Appa Karuna is interested in going to moon but he told that he can't wear that huge outfit that was required to wear for the planetary visitors, as it would be a bit heavy and he can't stay away without his goggles too. However, he gave permission to Kaniji to go to Moon and Mars with me," said A Raja.
Sources said that before visiting jail, A Raja promised Kanimozhi that he will take her to the visits of fool (sorry full) Moon and Mars whenever they will come out of jail.

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