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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

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Video of photo shoot of Poonam Pandey's still unavailable making internet users restless

Only curves? Asks ardent followers of Poonam Pandey
While Poonam Pandey's nude photo was available on the internet on various soft porn, porn and news websites, the internet users are becoming restless over the unavailability of the video footage of that photoshoot.

While many websites claimed that they have the video of entire photoshoot showing some more intimate postures of Poonam, the internet users kept cautious stand claiming that they might be morphed with some B-Grade actress with fat tummy.
"The video becomes official and unmorphed when it gets released on Time of India (TOI) website," said a frequent flyer on the TOI website, Nishant. TOI is popular among the young kids to old age people for hot to chill contents.
Deepak Raje an ardent follower of Poonam told India Satire correspondent "WTF yaar! Just till few days we were waiting for something productive at least she will show us some bit of curves since she announced she will be nude after India won the world cup final. But now after IPL we felt so foolish to see her photo. Yucks! only curves no bulge.... That photo is making us continuously restless..."
Few others however, admired the courage of Poonam and are satisfied that Poonam at least showed some curves.
Rajneesh Yadav said "Arey kuch to Poonam ne dikhaya hai... Aakhe taras rahi thi.."
However, he is hopeful of getting a video clip that covered entire photoshoot.
"Yes actually I am frequently visiting few porn sites along with TOI to get some clips of the videos of that hot photoshoot," said Yadav.
The photographer who took the photos said that he is waiting for Poonamji's instructions for releasing that video.
Aspiring actress Rozlyn Khan, however, criticized Poonam Pandey for supporting KKR.
"She wanted to steal the show. It looks so ridiculous to pose a nude for the team that won. See I showed some more bit for a losing team," Rozlyn told India Satire Correspondent.

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