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Friday, 4 May 2012

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Railway Minister Mukul Roy asked Mumbail local train commuters to massage tax


There is no free lunch and there is no free massage - Mukul Roy

Post recruitment on a sensitive place, India's Railway Minister Mukul Roy started improving railway performance by implementing stricter measures. He declared that Mumbal local train commuters will have to pay for the massage treatment they are getting in the train which currently is free of cost.

"Local train is not free massage parlour. They should have to pay for the massage they are getting in the locals. For such kind of massage, any parlour charges at least 1000 rupees while incase if it is for a dedicated massage for medication purpose then doctor charges in thousands. I am asking a paltry 1 rupee an hour long session of massage and therefore rupees 2 for returning journey," said Mukul Roy talking to reporters of various media houses.

Mukul Roy, who replaced Dinesh Trivedi as Railway Minister said that he would be very strict for the passengers who considers trains as free medication facilities. This will also increase the revenues for the railways by multiple times in line with other initiative. Railway said that the charges for second class passenger will be Re1 for one hour (45 kms) and 0.5paise after every additional 10 kms while first class passengers which are less fortunate will have to pay 0.5 paise for one hour (45 kms) and additional 0.1paise after every additional 10 kms.

Mukul Roy's secretary Vandana Yadav said "Uncle is very serious this time and would really stop the wastage of railway resources. His first target is using Mumbai Suburban trains for other causes than actually meant for. Mumbai local train commuters can't use railway crowd for their personal satisfaction."

Sources said that Mukul Roy gave a surprise visit to Mumbai trains in peak hours. This was the first time any railway minister really travelled by local train in the peak hour when 1000 people get into locals in just 30 seconds.

"His waist pain treated immediately in that half an hour journey," said the source who was present while travelling "And therefore he thought that getting such a superb massage for free of cost is not really a good idea."

"It is totally unconventional to our belief. Earlier we used to think that Mumbai local passengers are unfortunate to face the heavy rush in the trains and their life was hell. But Mr. Roy enlightened us and showed how Mumbai local passenger is using train as a massage parlour," said Chairman of Indian Railways Vinay Mittal.

Answering to India Satire correspondent's question whether Mamata didi is agree with the initiative, Mukul Roy said "She is very happy as far as the charges are limited to the outside boundaries of Poschim Bonga."

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