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Monday, 21 May 2012

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Pakistan banned Australia for 10 hours after anti-Islam remarks


Incident happened before Twitter ban development cool off
Pakistan, which banned Twitter for eight hours on Sunday, banned Australia today for making anti-Jihad remarks and refused to take them back. Australia in dilemma over how to react, is now asking Pakistan to restore back itself.

Australian outgoing Commissioner Tim George on his farewell news conference said on Friday ""India has an exemption from Nuclear Suppliers Group, which does not apply to Pakistan."

George quoted saying that the cases of India and Pakistan were different.

He also said that he was heartened to see "the deepening of our engagement, which is based on a productive, friendly and mutually beneficial partnership."

His statement fueled the outrage among the Pakistan Talibanis and ministers.

"How can he make such a kind of irresponsible statement? Pakistan is most peaceful god's country. If not Pakistan nobody else can use Uranium," said Pakistan's interior minister Senator Rehman Malik. Sources said that the Malik's statement will give more required support from Pakistani voters in the upcoming elections against Imraan Khan.

He said "Australia can't degrade us without giving us proper proofs. This statement was totally anti-Jihad and we ban Australia for next 10 hours for making such statements."

However, he avoided giving details that in what terms Pakistan banned Australia, whether it was trade, communications, websites, or what?

Sources said that it was a statement that recently Pakistan invented to show its protest against whatever anti-Islam, anti-Jihad and anti-Talibanis.

"This is nothing but just a statement which shows that Pakistan can ban anybody, whether it is individual, organisation, social networking site or a country," said Musadiq Sanwal, editor of Pakistan's most reputed daily, the Dawn.

He informed India Satire that USA including Barack Obama was the first victim of Pakistan banning any country.

"Earlier Pakistan banned USA when it issued a $10mn bounty on Hafiz Saeed, a saint figure of Pakistan. It also banned Interpol when it continuously called Pakistan behind Mumbai Terror Attack," said Sanwal.

When India Satire correspondent reached Tim George for his views, he said "He he he! Did they ban us from playing cricket with Pakistani team in Pakistan? Funny joke of my life!"

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