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Monday, 21 May 2012

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Ram Gopal Varma to retire from Bollywood, RGV ki Aag 2 will be his last movie


Department's failure pressed RGV to take the decision
The week started with one good and one bad news for bollywood audience. First the good news was India's great talented trilogy film maker Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) plans to announce his retirement from bollywood while the bad news is that he will do that after completing the sequel of Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag.

"RGV was depressed so much after his new flick 'Department' received so rave reviews and flopped on the box-office so badly that he tried to make a suicidal attempt from his house window," said RGV's friend who asked to keep his name anonymous.

When India Satire correspondent dig deeply, RGV's friend told "RGV actually jumped from the first floor of his house. He had to admit to hospital to recover from serious ass-o-tic damage he went through." Note: Ass-o-tic damage is painful scratches on the bums.

"When he was in hospital, he said that now he wants retirement from this fuc*ing field where K-Jo's nonsensical movies become blockbuster and his artistic movies even don't attract even road side doggies," said RGV's friend.
Ram Gopal Varma is famous for trilogy movie making. He mastered the art of making movies on mafias, ghosts and bollywood.

Experts said that the actual reason for RGV's fall-out was he himself.

"He only watches his own films which put pressure on his delicate brain cells, creating a serious havoc like situation and therefore even doctors also suggest him to get retirement," said Chennai based Dr. Uday Sankar.
However, other sources confirmed that his retirement is not final.

Sources said "RGV is not considering retirement at least till he completes his sequel of RGV ki Aag."

RGV ki Aag which was a first of its kind non-ghost based horror movie, received great appreciation for sucking the Indian brains will see a sequel in which Babban Singh's (Gabbar Singh in Sholay) ghost will take revenge.

"This film would be a combo-offer for Indian audience. I will put both ghost and mafia in the movie, one of its kind," 
RGV told India Satire correspondent from the hospital.

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