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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

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Equity Analyst depressed after his own investment tumble on his own suggestion


Doctors said avoid investment in own recommended stocks

Bucking the trend, equity research analyst Vinod Chheda went under severe depression and took a leave for 3 days after his own investment value tumbled on his own stock recommendation for himself.

Vinod became a unique case in Mumbai's popular equity research profession when he invested in the equities recommending a bucket of stocks for himself, called portfolio.

"This is a strage case," said market expert SP Tulsian "I haven't seen this kind of case in my life that an equity research analyst invest in his own recommended stock. He seems to be idiot."

SP Tulsian, who was also popular in giving multi-bagger stock ideas said that it was a seriously bullshit idea investing in own recommended stock and he was a very intelligent that way that he doesn't get into a trap of multi-bagger ideas when our economy begging multiple times.

While Vinod was unavailable for comment, his wife Jigisha said "Vinod's behavior is not at all understandable. I haven't seen him sleeping in his room during the market hours, in spite of very valued talk shows of Udayan and SP Tulsian and many on ET Now."

Jigisha told that she consulted with doctors and they said that it was temporary automatic stock idea generation and fusion syndrome (ASIGFS) which is becoming popular in India.

For the time being, doctor gave him some medical prescriptions and told that avoid watching trading terminal for long hours and strictly avoid any buy or sell action on his own recommendations.

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