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Friday, 11 May 2012

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Census data suggests that life of Indians become more active these days

Life style changes according to Census
Activities spread over dreams of normal human beings
Census data for 2011 on spending 24 hours in a day by a normal Indian shows that life of a normal Indian has become full of activities than in 2001.

This shocking revelation came from the government's statistics division which collected census data for 2011. According to numbers, an average Indian’s individual time spend on various activities improved sharply. Earllier, in 2001 Indians were providing little time over dreaming and more over sleeping. However, 2011 while sleeping time contracted time for dreaming rose 4 times more.
Difference between Indians in 2001 and 2011 was also in technological savviness. Indians in 2001 could hardly find some time for chatting and discussing (incl. social network) useless things, which improves phenomenally, thanks to increasing awareness of internet and more use of mobile phones. This factor also shows rising talkativeness and communication skills of normal Indian.
On the productivity front, lesser employees started abusing their bosses on account of sharp reduction in time spent with these idiots. Further, working for earning portion reduced drastically showing more and more increase in productivity.
On the intellectual front data shows astonishing improvement. More and more started providing more and more time on thinking (sucking own brain) leading to a chance for India to develop as a knowledge world.

How did we spend our time in 2001, according to Census? 

How did we spend our time in 2011, according to Census? 

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