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Monday, 7 May 2012

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Aamir Khan to discuss issues that President faces in the next episode of Satyamev Jayate

Pratibha Patil confirmed her unabated support to the cause

Aamir Khan will discuss the issues that a lady President, Pratibha Patil faced in her 5 years of duty in the next episode of Satyamev Jayate. Aamir Khan decided to cover the topic on urgent basis after watching an emotional interview of Pratibha Patil which reflects the sacrifices and contributions that a lady made while she received only mimicking and fun from the society.

Sources said that Aamir Khan saw an emotional interview of Pratibha Patil and decided to let flow few tears from his eyes. After 4 tears (2 each from each eye), he immediately called Pratibha aunty for asking her whether he could cover all the problems that a president (particularly lady president) faces in India in his new serial.

"President of India is most neglected person on the earth by the political parties and people of India. They are ignored to the hell in their life while we expect them to contribute and still never allow them to fly from Sukhoi. It's just ridiculous," said Aamir Khan, talking to India Satire correspondent.

Aamir Khan who is hailed for his social contributions, along with contributions to Bollywood just saw a juicy opening of his first TV reality show on Sunday told that he would like to set a non-biased example by showing the problems of President of India.

He said "First problem that a lady president faces is to leave her day-to-day habit of talking. Talking once or twice a year is ridiculous for any woman in India. Second if she goes abroad to have some good travel experience then why the hell society is shouting so much.

Pratibha Patil confirmed that it was the presidential issue in the next episode of Satyamev Jayate and she arranged a whole hearted support.

"Not in my 50 years of career, I have seen so much fun making on me and treating on par with Arnab Goswami, Kapil Sibal and Digvijay Singh. It is so humiliating," said Pratibhaji to India Satire correspondent.

"I am no one to solve issues, I can only highlight them," said Aamir "I will only highlight the problems of neglecting and avoidance faced by Pratibha auntyjee by mainstream media, politicians and people while I will not solve it."
Aamir said "It was because of Pratibha auntyjee why the world is so much close to us and we are discussing paltry issues like her land acquisition and stuff. Now as it is not possible for Pratibha aunty, I believe my battle for social justice will help upcoming presidents to get some eyeballs."

Aamir showed a list of the issues to be discussed in the session
·         President should get at least once a month to talk about any kind of issues, then may be changing the mosquito repellent coil in the Rashtrapati Bhavan to Eurozone debt issues. For lady presidents, it should be twice, if not thrice.

·         Media coverage, at least once-a-day the name of President to be displayed on news channels

·         Satires should be stopped on President of India

·         Every bill should be shown as it is passed through President of India

·         Nobody will ask any question about Afzal Guru, follow the good gesture shown by NDTV in the interview in which interviewer didn't ask any question on this saintly guy

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