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Saturday, 28 April 2012

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ND Tiwari revealed that he was exhausted by so much of sex that his sperms are now drained

Shocking revelation may create fear among the sexoholic youth


Senior Congress leader ND Tiwari said that recent sex activities exhausted him so much that his sperms are totally drained and would not recover by next 1 to 2 years. ND Tiwari has recently asked by Court to prove that he was not Pappa of a youth who filed paternity suit claiming to be his biological son.

"Guys, I am exhausted so much that its difficult for me to perform and planning to put whole hearted focus in politics," said ND Tiwari to India Satire correspondent.

Spitting his paan in the drawer of his side table, he said "Now, I am just feeling the heat that on the one side I look at some girl and other side just feel that would not be kicked off properly makes me frustrated. I love to be fanatic with sexual fantasies in the midnight which makes me cool for the next day's work but now that too I can't offer. I was just thinking to request Madamji to consider me for the elections for President of India," said ND Tiwari.
When India Satire correspondent asked him about trying Viagra, Tiwari said "What the f*ck? Viagra only helps in raising the capacity not filling the water in raised capacities. What will I do just by increasing the capacity of tank while I would not have water to fill the tank?"

He is optimist that if he chooses to be a President of India, he will definitely make the position glamorous.

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