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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

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US President Candidate, Mitt Romney called Diggy Chacha for his advice

Diggy Chacha's experience to mentor Rahul Baba worked in his favour

A strong contender of US Presidentship, Mitt Romney felt to call most intelligent creature in the universe, right now living in India Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) for taking his advice at the crucial stage when underdog Rick Santorum gaining against Romney.

"Yea at this crucial stage I felt some support from somewhere. My assistant who studied Indian politics closely told me that this guy somebody Diggy has experience of mentoring a pupil to prime ministership post for India. Therefore, I thought of asking what I should do at this stage," Mitt Romney who kept mum when asked what advised he got from Diggy Chacha.

While answering to Political Punch of Jake Tapper - "Dogs Against Romney"?, Romney made his punch. He said "Now its, Dig with Romney."

A source close to Mitt Romney said "Diggy gave him fresh flesh and muscle saying make any bul*s*it about anybody. People like only three things in politics, entertainment, entertainment and entertainment and you become entertainment. These few good tips helped Mitt so much that he went outside and bought a cap of Joker. He also provided few good tips on how to communicate with people and attract them by making confusing statements. Romney looked very happy and invited Diggy to join as an advisor to him which Diggy humbly refused."

The development sparked strongly in India. Both ruling and opposition party gave their reactions.
Kapil Sibal said "We are happy that at least now US recognised India's talent and I would urge them to take Diggy as an advisor so that they can recover from current recession."

P Chidambaram said "Its a good idea if Diggy joins US politics and will stand for next elections so that he would help US economy to recover fast. I would urge few other faces to join him which include Janardhan Dwivedi and Manish Tewari."

Nitin Gadkari said "No no... We need Diggy in India to find out and mentor true gems like Rahul Baba. At least we will have chances to come as ruling party."

Sonia Gandhi, however, was head strong. She said "Diggy haven't completed his work mentoring Rahul Baba after which he will start working on Priyanka Baby for mentoring her as President post after Pratibha Patil. It is every Indian's dream to see Rahul Baba sitting on PM's chair and Priyanka on President's chair (Oooohmmmaaa...)."

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