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Friday, 17 February 2012

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After watching Ek Mein Aur Ekk Tu, Moviegoers demanded customization of actor’s face expressions for getting better film watching experience

Customization will allow audience to watch Imran Khan for 3 hours without irritation

Showing serious displeasure over Imran Khan's acting skills in Ek Mein Aur Ekk tu, Kisan Pal Yadav demanded customization to be carried to moviegoers to improve the film watching experience.

Kisan Pal Yadav said "Watching same kind of expression by turning eyebrows up and down looks quite irritating for 2 hours. Plus his face could have been better Photoshop to suit with Aunty Kareena Kapoor."

Kisan Pal Yadav who is among the top developers in Facebook insisted that the production team of the film should allow the audience to make changes on the faces of actors and actresses plus changing their voice modulations for better experience. He told that customization will help the audience to change the expressions of actors who look dumb face so that they can be tolerated for 2-3 hours. "This is possible through Adobe Photoshop," Yadav said.

Even, scientific world is quite amazed with the limited movement Imran Khan's eyebrows have. Few scientists have made some research on it and found that Imran Khan's eyebrows are very thick and need a proper cut.

Dr R Ramalingam, Phd in 'Freedom of Face Expressions' said "Imran's eyebrows are so heavy that they have very limited movement. He can cut a part of his eyebrows and move them as Moustache so that he can more freely express his acting skills."

Film Critic Taran Adarsh however, was not agreed to Yadav's demand and Ramalingam's analysis. He said "Actually, I have some criterions for mapping actor's acting skill as like mapping movie story and direction. I believe if actor's eyes rotate 35 degrees to right and 40 degrees to left his eye expressions are good. Imran Khan fits in this criterion. Plus, we have another criterion for eyebrow expression. If it goes up more than 3 centimeters then we believe the actor is over-acting while if it does not move down past 1 centimeter the actor is not acting at all. In this criterion also Imran Khan fits. He moves his eyes 2.7 centimeters up and 1.2 centimeters down. I don't believe any need for customization by audience in the expressions of Imran Khan."

Telling about movie stories, Taran Adarsh said "If the movie sees death of Heroine then it would be 3 stars if hero is died in the film then it would be 4 stars and if it is Karan Johar's movie then indisputably 5 stars. Generally, we assume Karan Johar's movie would be 5 stars and therefore don't dare to watch it. Therefore, in our view Ek Mein Aur Ekk Tu doesn't need any customization."

However, another moviegoer, Ramchandra Mishra said "I can give more expressions than Imran Khan. I request producers of Imran Khan's upcoming movies to take the modulations of my face expressions and apply it to Imran Khan by using Photoshop so that user will get better film watching experience. I would do it for free."

Karan Johar, who moved his left side lips 3.45 centimeters up without moving right side lips (in common language, giving mischievous smile) said "What the f**k? Today, all the actors have developed their niche. Take example of Shahid Kapoor. He can change his face expressions from plastic smile face to arrogant face within 3-4 seconds. He is expert in doing that. That kind of variations and modulations in face expression is really notable. Imran Khan has his niche. He comfortably moves his eyebrows up and down within 6 odd seconds and nobody matches the speed he provides. He is natural in his expressions and therefore this idea of customization of actor's face expression is f**kingly idiotic."

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