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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

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Swami Nithyanada reveals that the great Management Guru Arindam is his elder brother

Few sources of Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) in Bangalore reveal that great Gyan guru and expert of sex meditation, Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) told secret that the great Management guru of India and most scholar, most handsome economist, intelligent and so on, Arindam Chaudhuri (Arindam) is his elder brother.

"Swamiji was with full of tears and the situation was difficult to manage to Bangalore Police when he revealed that he was younger brother of Arindamji," said the source.

The source further said that the Bangalore Police first came into suspicion when they closely watched photos of Swamiji and Arindam and they made a casual enquiry with Swamiji.

"It was very emotional day for Swamiji," said the source who also revealed that Arindam himself gave Swamiji philosophical and spiritual lectures in his early days. "Swamiji learnt about spirituality when he was 2 years, thanks to Arindamji," said the source.

When DCFC reporter contacted Bangalore Police, one constable said "When our Sir (Deputy Commissioner of Police) saw teeth colour of Swamiji and Arindam, he was shocked and suddenly he asked all his juniors to collect all the samples of teeth to understand the relationship of Swamiji and Arindam. Collected sample revealed that they have relationship. When we enquired with Swamiji, he happily agreed."

"Both of them are having many similarities while only differences are that Arindam uses spectacles and goggles while Swamiji is yet to reach that stage. Another difference is that Arindam has a pony-tail while Swamiji likes to keep open his beautiful hair," said the constable. "In my view, Arindam is more stylish than Swamiji," he added.
"Both used to clean their teeth by Colgate, which gave them perfect shape and bold look," said neighbor of Arindam's house.

"Since childhood only Paramu and Arindu used to keep their mouth open to show their white teeth," said grandfather of neighbour of Arindam.

"This is important revelation by Bangalore Police," said deputy Commissionar of Police. "It was not very easy to identify the relationship between two but wittiness of Bangalore Police till date which always remained under profile made it easy," he added.

"We have all the samples of teeth but except plaque, which was not available with both of them," said Inspector Chinappa. He said "We also came to know that the set of 32 teeth in their mouth was since their birth and it is still unaffected. The reason why their teeth look milky white was that their current teeth are still milky (in scientific language it calls deciduous set)."

"Normally, mammals are diphyodont, meaning that they develop two sets of teeth. In humans, the first set normally starts to appear at about six months of age, although some babies are born with one or more visible teeth, known as neonatal teeth," said Goregaon based dentist, Kiran Rao. She also said "Some animals develop only one set of teeth (monophyodont) while others develop many sets (polyphyodont). Sharks, for example, grow a new set of teeth every two weeks to replace worn teeth." 

When DCFC reporter tried to call Arindam to take his reaction, Arindam's secretary shout at us and said "Don't you have any other work than focusing on India's great genius Arindamji. Get lost and don't show your mouth."

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