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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

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Rakhi Sawant believes in non-violence, approaches Anna Hazare to crusade against Censor Board

India's most beautiful and most intelligent Bollywood Diva Rakhi Sawant (nobody likes to tie rakhi from her) upset with the decision taken by Censor Board to bleep out the words ""Choos Le"" (meaning Suck) from her item number from "" Loot"". Rakhi Sawant announced an Anti-Decency movement to protest against Censor Board's autocratic way of working.

"They removed two innocent words for no reason," Rakhi told reporters in angry voice. She said "I want to campaign against India's Censor Board which denies freedom of choice of words. What the f..k!".

"No I am not going on fast. I will ask Hon. Annaji for fasting unto death which will ensure success of the campaign for Anti-Decency movement," she said when reporters asked her whether she would like to announce a fast unto death.

"I am sure Annaji is more capable of campaigning for such a serious movement than Ramdev Baba who has no fighting spirit," Rakhi bluntly said indirectly showing her anger after Baba rejected her offer for marriage.
Rakhi said "What's the point in bleeping out the word. We have had songs like "DK Bose" which have been easily cleared by the board. Also, will the same punitive action be taken against "Desi Boys" for the movie has a song in which weird gestures have been used. This is unfair."

Her publicist DaleBhagwagar also confirmed the development and said "It is true that Rakhi has decided to approach Anna Hazare. She is currently doing her research on songs which she considers vulgar and objectionable."

Nothing was confirmed from Team Anna whether it would like to start a new Anti-Decency movement. As Anna Hazare was on maun vrat we could not get any reaction.

Baba Ramdev condemned luring acts of Rakhi and said "This is totally indecent way to promote her film "Loot" who even my doggy will not like to see. I will see Sanjal Leela Bhansali's films rather than "Loot". Earlier, she promoted her show by asking me to marry her which I said 'meri Jutise...'"

Most intelligent person in the universe and mentor of Rahul Baba, Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) had different perspective. He said "See, Rakhi's offer proves that Anna Hazare is supported by RSS, Rakhi Sawant Sena. It is a conspiracy of RSS to enter in the Censor Board, gradually. Rakhi Sawant Sena is biggest terror organisation in the country and can target and attack good and decent people like me. I would like to suggest Annaji to come out of the shelter of this terror organisation, headed by Rakhi Sawant."

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