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Monday, 31 October 2011

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Indian judiciary don't listen to me: Diggy Chacha

Expressing his frustration over Indian Judiciary, the most intelligent person in the universe Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) said "Everybody in the world listen to me. Just sometime back US court saw my statement that Rajat Gupta was innocent and they let him go but our rigid judiciary system don't listen to me even I spoke loudly."

"Diggyji is most respectable person in the universe even aliens of other planets also accepts. One of the most reputed researchers in the planet of Apes also said that Diggyji's brain has no match. This is hypocrisy. I would like to tell you that Diggyji's statements should take it on face value. Give bail to Appu Raja, Kanimozhi, his innocent beloved brother Suresh Kalmadi, Afzal Uncle and Kasabji while terrorists like Anna Hazare, RSS activists like Arvind Kejriwal, Sri Sri Ravishankar and Ramdev Baba should be thrown into jail," a senior Congress leader infuriated hiding his identity.

Though, Law Minister Salman Khurshid said, Diggyji is a very senior leader of our party but he is not a member of the government, in private he was very thankful to Diggy Chacha endorsing Khurshid's statements.
Diggy Chacha has recently came up with strange thesis which also kept on radar by his supporters to shoot on the rivals.

"Diggyji told to a reporter that all the scams whether it was 2G, CWG or anyother happened in UPA I phase when he was busy mentoring Rahul Baba. But when he just started looking into politics in the period of UPA II all the scams unearthed. Now, there is no scam at all. Even Manmohanji has become very much outspoken these days and give lengthy lectures on inflation," said Diggy Chacha's supporter.

A section of the Congress believes he is only voicing loudly the ideological secularism of the party, and they say he has the tacit support of both party members and the leadership.

However, few people with idiotic brains (vice versa to Diggy Chacha's intelligent brain) are against outspokenness of Diggy Chacha.

"He (Diggy Chacha) has become a law unto himself," said a senior Congress minister without disclosing his identity.

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