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Thursday, 3 November 2011

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Rahul Baba in a new avatar of angry young man

Inspired by real action hero and India's first angry young man, Amitabh Bachchan (Amitji), India's Amul Baby and future Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Baba) said "I become angry when I come to UP... haaainnnn (Reason is not that he has to come to UP instead of going to US)."

"The pathetic conditions in Uttar Pradesh always make me angry," he told a gathering in Bhadohi, the home of UP's carpet industry, where he drove around as part of his two-day unscheduled (as usual) tour.
One UP Congress worker with requesting anonymity said "I don't understand why does Rahul Baba's visits are planned unscheduled. This creates real problem of arranging basic and necessity nasty Italian food like Pizza and Burgers.

Finally he has to go to some villager's house have to eat inexpensive food. Recently, the Party has spent huge amount to doctors to remove his digestion problem. Even, we had to arrange that forgetful and notorious padyatra for him."

One of the closed associates to Rahul Baba said "Diggy Chacha planned a total makeover for Rahul Baba. He was very angry over comments from people that Rahul Baba looks dumb and not intelligent. Therefore, he said Rahul Baba to watch Amitabh's movies a lot of times adopt his cool and witty looks, a sarcastic smile and a lot of anger and passion in the eyes along with reading some books on general knowledge."

While he usually avoids any interaction with the media, Rahul Baba shocked the reporters in Bhadohi by expressing his anguish over what he termed as the "pathetic conditions prevailing in the state."
"Every time I come to UP, I get angry because nothing seems to move here. No buffalo, no bullock and no dog. Everybody seems to be sleepy. People do not get what is due to them and the state government remains indifferent to the needs of the people. I would like to ask Maya aunty that at least now she leave UP," he said.
When DCFC Reporter asked about a sudden change in his stand and looks, he gave a mischievous smile and said "Haiyennnn, it is my new avatar. I am fed up of being called as Amul Baby. This is my natural way of life. I am naturally angry young man. Haiyennnn... Now onwards I would like to be called as Rahul Rajiv Gandhi (as like Vijay Dinananth Chouhan) aiyennnn."

One senseless opposition leader mischievously said "Rahul Baba should also visit Maharashtra and show some anger as vehicle traffic moves slower than bullock carts in UP."

Behenji Mayawatiji said "This is real conspiracy against me. They don't like to see a dalit lady is leading from the front. I totally condemn Rahul Baba's words. He also said aunty to me which is again a conspiracy against me and dalit community."

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