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Saturday, 15 October 2011

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Probhu Chowla interviewed Diggy Chacha in Sticky Baat

Probhu Chowla (Probhu Dadaji), an iconic name in the media fraternity known for his charisma, persona and sharp edged questions that often hit the nail on the head; Prabhu Chawla will be primarily seen interviewing the who's who of the political arena and renowned people from varied walks of life, entice audiences in a brand new chat show on IBN7 'Sticky Baat Probhu Ke Saath'. Today, Probhu Dadaji will interview Universe's iconic name for his intelligence and straight talks Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha).

Probhu Dadaji: Diggyji so welcome to our brand new show 'Sticky Baat Probhu Ke Saath'.

Diggy Chacha: Probhu thanks for calling me here, I also like to talk sticky only. I never turn my words as like Kapil does it regularly. Its like Fevicol ka jod no tod marod. By the way, before you ask me something non-sense I have a question. Why did you pronunce your name as Probhu Chowla instead of true Prabhu Chawla.

Probhu Dadaji: Ha ha ha... it was because a funny incidence. Few months back I interviewed Pronobda. He and through out interview he called me Probhuda, Probhu Chowla sho, sorry so many times that I myself started pronuncing my name Probhu Chowla.

Diggy Chacha: Wow that was funny. Now start your non-sense questions.

Probhu Dadaji: Ok first of all I would like to tell you my questions are sticky and you will have to give answers on which you stick to.

Diggy Chacha: As I told you earlier, I always talk sticky. Now see I told everybody RSS is a biggest terror organisation in the world even US should afraid of it, nobody believed me including Barack Obama who is torturing innocent people like Osamaji and innocent countries like Pakistan. I am still stick to my words. "Mein aapki kasam khaake ke kehetaa hu ki I will stick to my words."

Probhu Dadaji: No no Diggyji don't need to take my kasam I believe you. Ok my first question. India is going in a major lifestyle changes, showing the way speed it is progressing. I would like to give you a sensible example. We have seen a substantial shift of consumers from Goa Gutkha to Manikchand which is consumed by Unche Log only and still opposition says that India is going from a rough patch. What is your view?

Diggy Chacha: Probhu ji, whatever you are talking is true. Even I have seen my wife's brother has shifted from some local brand to Manikchand Gutkha which is a great evidence for us that how India is progressing. It is because RSS always use BJP as a platform to say anything that is anti-Congress which means anti-nationalist as well. Most of the RSS people use normal tobacco according to my inside sources so out of jealousy they make all these stupid statements.

Probhu Dadaji: Diggyji, Indians are becoming corrupt because of anti-Congress elements like Annaji. What is your view about that?

Diggy Chacha: I believe Annaji is as innocent as Suresh Bhaai, Osamaji, Ashok Chavan, A Raja and Amar Singhji. However, he is now a mask of RSS. So many times I told him that come out of shelter of that terror organisation but because of his rigidity he is not accepting. Nowadays he is becoming a politician. I challenge him do fast in UP before elections I will also sit along with him.

Probhu Dadaji: Oh that's great; this is new to me. How many days can you sit for fast?

Diggy Chacha: Its confidential information I can't tell you. Actually, I am alien from other planet so sharing information is not correct thing to do. But this way that taught us by Gandhiji will open his eyes.

Probhu Dadaji: Ok tell me what steps did you and your government take to stop terrorism?

Diggy Chacha: Yea that's interesting question. Time to time I exposed RSS for its terror activities. I was the pioneer of removing Islamist terrorism. I only banned SIMI which removed Islamist terrorism completely from India but the formula for RSS is still to be worked out. Press always reported me wrong but I am most intelligent person and thats why Madamji believes me a lot. The biggest flaw came in limiting RSS terrorism is from Chiddu, he doesn't take my advice otherwise India had become a terror free country. That is also out of his intellectual arrogance but as a Gandhian I have to stick to the path of forgiveness.

Probhu Dadaji: But Diggyji, why don't you become Home Minister then?

Diggy Chacha: See Probhu, I have a lot of interest in handling that position as I am the most deserving. I can handle foreign ministry and meet Hina Rabbani Kharji on daily basis so that our relations with Pakistan will improve. I can become Finance Minister and will make some sensible comments rather than talking anything non-sense or repeating last week's statements. I can become defence minister and very well defend Madamji and Rahul Baba. I will myself take a Gun in my hands and will stay with them as like a loyal security guard. I can also handle Agriculture ministry and will reduce wastages of tobacco and liquor products. Even interesting thing is I can handle all the portfolios at a time. However, Madamji ten years back told me that she wants me to groom up Rahul Baba as India's Prime Minister and Lokpal also. Now Rahul Baba is most deserving candidate for both these positions and I would like to first save Madhya Pradesh from duplicate Diggy, Shivraj Chouhan planted by RSS.

Probhu Dadaji: How do you think Rahul Baba is deserving candidate for Lokpal also?

Diggy Chacha: See Probhu, I am famous for my vision which lacks in other politicians also that was the main reason Madamji appointed me as his mentor. In 2008, when global recession came I identified a need for Lokpal and thereby suggested Manmohanji to appoint a Lokpal. But as usual his office threw my suggestion into dustbin. See I am a Gandhian and therefore I didn't hurt much also I don't like to take credit. I thought that now I should focus only on one thing Rahul Baba to groom up as Lokpal. Then Anna Hazare hizacked all my thoughts but still I respect him a lot. There are few reasons why Rahul Baba is deserving. First he frequently visits houses of farmers, dalits and aam-aadmis. He usually takes lunch and dinner with them. He also attends Royal Wedding celebrations which makes him popular everywhere. A person whose roots are in aam-aadmis as well as India's celebrity people always be useful as Lokpal.

Probhu Dadaji: Ok Diggyji thanks for your sticky interview.

Diggy Chacha: Thanks!

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