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Thursday, 15 September 2011

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“Why do you always blame Pakistan for terrorism?” asks Chiddu uncle

"Why do you always blame on Pakistan for every terror attack? It's an innocent country. Everything starts in India and finishes here. See Maoism which is more risk for the country than terrorism starts here and ends here," said India's home minister P. Chidambaram (Chiddu uncle)

Saying India-based modules were behind 13/7 Mumbai blast and the Pune explosion, Home Minister P. Chidambaram said on Tuesday that India cannot blame Pakistan any more for terror attacks.
According to a source closed to US Congress said that US is considering India to declare as a terror hub which gives birth to terrorism and faces itself.

"We can no longer point to the cross-border modules as the source of terror," Chidambaram told BBC.
Chidambaram said that out of four terror attacks (Pune, Mumbai and two in Delhi), which took place in recent times, at least the first two was carried out by "Indian modules". However, he kept mum whether the attacks were funded by Pakistan or not. He also didn't feel to disclose the reasons behind the attacks. If Pakistan was not supporting the attacks then what was the reason for the attack.

Indian modules mean people in India were responsible in carrying such attacks.

"We are fairly certain," the minister said, adding, while HuJi and IM had claimed the responsibility for Delhi blast, investigations were on to confirm who were behind them.

Asked if India needed to do "different" to curb Indian modules, Chidambaram said "not different but more". However, he didn't disclose more as a secretive policy.

He exposed some of the high profile long term (10-20 years) plans.

"We need to put pressure on our friends, Pakistan, to stop terror activities in its neighbor-hood (Was it Afghanistan Chiddu uncle?)," he said, adding, we need "enormous" (meaning what?) counter-terror mechanism.
"We do need own counter-terror capacity (What that mean? Don't we have our own counter-terror capacity? And When shall we have that one?)," he said.

The minister added, "We are building capacity. There is some distance to go before we can say we have adequate capacity. (What will be capacity utilization? Will it be 99% or 100%?"

Maintaining there is no doubt that Pakistan is the epicentre of terror, Chidambaram said "there are people in India, who can join hands with them (and still Chiddu uncle says that Pakistan was not involved in terror?)", which is a concern.

"Another concern is the radicalization of youth. If more youth are radicalized, it will create more trouble for us. We have to wean them away. Then there is the concern how to communicate with the people of India (Actually, government don't want to communicate which exposed through agitation saga of Anna Hazare). Policing is not easy in India. India is diverse, plural country. Policing India is a very complex task," the minister concluded.

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