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Friday, 30 September 2011

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Pronobda, in spite of his busy schedule took some time to talk about inflation

Pronobda is busiest government servant these days. He is working more than any bureaucrat in the country encouraging all his other parliamentary members to work hard. Keeping his one eye on 2G issue, another on Anna Hazare and Lokpal, 3rd on Indian economy, 4th on Subbarao, 5th on Barack Obama and finally 6th on inflation (please don't ask where 4 eyes on the body of Pronobda are located, it is totally irrelevant) is very difficult but still he manages successfully.

Recently, he is tackling serious issue like dumping P Chidambaram (Chiddu uncle) in a first instance and again giving him some value (valued colleague) in second instance. However, DCFC reporter thought whether he forgot about inflation which is a secondary issue for the country and Indian government and just asked him about his view on weekly food inflation which rose from 8.84% to 9.13%. It was a shocking result for DCFC reporter. Pronobda was aware about a small change in the inflation but showed it as shock to him. "Hou did that inflasion daresh to incorease in shpoite of moy restriczionsh?" he asked DCFC reporter. "I had ossigned the work to Shubbada to reshtrict the inflashionary preshoure bot he ish failed to do sho. This ish an area of grave concern that Shubbada wosh not abole to restrict it," he showed his anger about the situation.

When DCFC tried to ask him more about the situation, he said "Wot the heck... I have many things to do. I am not loike Chiddu to handle nothing. (chuckling) My woife alsho ashsks mee.. hou do I manage sho many worksh."
He said "Lost toime do you remembor whot did I tell you. I told you that inflashon will nou modorate graduolly as Barock Obama will redush commodity prishes as he hash to approach to elecshons. Sho don't wory about inflashon. Till dat toime Shubbada will raish intorest rates."

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