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Friday, 2 September 2011

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Pranab back to economics; says inflationary trend was disturbing

After a tedious job of making deal between Lockpoll Bill supporters and John Lockpoll Bill supporters, great economist of India Pranab Mukherjee (Pronobda) back to his routine work on identifying positives and negatives of the Indian economy.

After world's favorite Diggy Chacha, Pronobda is master in making a contradictory view and confusing Indian public.

On one hand he believes economic uncertainties present new opportunities for Pronobda, on the other he felt challenges regarding inflation are not getting sorted out. Just a few weeks back, Pronobda released an important theorm from his kitty which even World Bank is also noted. The theorm was a break to the age-old classical view that growth is a major reason for inflation. Pronobda in his new theorm said growth helps curtail inflation.
On Monday he said "If India can continue to grow and acquire economic strength, we could be a source of stability for the world economy and provide safe havens for restless global capital," he said while pointing out that it "would also enable us to develop even faster and spread the benefits of growth to the poor and the marginalised," supporting strong growth.

While yesterday he said "Food inflation has gone up. This is really disturbing. Inflation is always a matter of concern and we shall have to ensure that supply of food items improve," he said.

The government had announced some measures when food inflation hit double-digits last December, but the impact of these steps are yet to be felt. Experts say there is an urgent need to step up productivity as demand is far outstripping supply. Changing food habits and increasing disposable demands have pushed demand for protein-based items such as milk, eggs, meat, fish and poultry.

"Wee can aask peepol to cortail deare spendings on protein-based items such as milk, eggs, meat, fish and paaltry and they can eet green vegetables," Pronobda advised all people who became new rich out of his stimulus package and Chiddu uncle's farm debt waiver scheme.

"I aasked Subbuda to reduce inflation," Pronobda cleared his throat. "However, reasoan beeing Obama is a major contributor to global inflation wee are facing such situation. Wee need to keep our growth pace," he added.
"Becose Anna wos on fost, I wos not able to look into inflationary matters. Now, I am free to deal with inflation and will say that it will com down graduaally," Pronobda cleared his stand.

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