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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

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Kalmadi protests against Chacha Amar's departure to hospital

"Many prisoners protested against Tihar Jail's move to release smartest politician ever, great fun for bollywood personalities and a big corporate honcho, Amar Singh (Chacha Amar) for more than 2 hours. Many of them sat on fast-unto-death to stop Chacha from leaving the jail," said a chaiwala of Tihar Jail who circulates tea to prisoners in dirty glasses twice a day.

When DCFC made a further enquiry whether all prisoners fell in love with Chacha Amar during his short visit to Tihar jail, one senior Police official said "No no... don't misunderstand. The protest was because he allowed for a medical leave while others like Suresh Bhai Kalmadi, Afzal Guru, A. Raja, Kanimojhi and many corporate are striving for a leave." He said "The protest march within the ambience of jail was led by Suresh Bhai who faced the more serious health related issue."

When asked Suresh Bhaai, he said "Actually, I had similar problem that Amar had but I forgot to mention due to my short term memory loss (just like Amir had in Ghajini). Even my kidney was damaged but these jail authorities are so stubborn they even didn't allow me for medical check up. When I told them that I had some health problem somewhere in my body they took me to hospital to check my brain and spread the news I have no brain." He added "The protest was against the discrimination of Tihar Jail Authorities."

Tamil Hero look a like, great A. Raja (no full form is not "Appu Raja") said that there is a serious anger among all the prisoners of Tihar jail against administration and they are willing to sit on a fast to force to stop discrimination. He further said "We are inspire from Anna Hazare like fast and plan to create Jan Lokpal Bill like movement to get rights like medical leave to all prisoners." One prisoner without disclosing his name said "A. Raja is so inspired from Anna's movement that he plans to change his name from Appu Raja to Anna Raja (I am Anna)."

When asked Chacha Amar about so called movement of Suresh Bhaai, he said "It was out of jealousy. See I am Thakur and I get privillege in every case. Do you know that I had separate toilet and bathroom in the cell which was not shareable with anybody? Jail Authority everyday cleaned my cell to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Also Diggy Bhaiyaa's call that I am innocent also made him jealous."

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