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Thursday, 25 August 2011

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Sticking to the path of “Three Wise Monkeys”

India's most dominating personality, expert in crisis management and only one person whom government relies a lot, Finance Minister who is famous for quotes "Aosk Chidomboram, I am economist", Pranab Mukherjee (Pronobda) said "Government believes a poth of Three Woise Monkeys, showed by Mahatma Gandhiji and it will stick to it," when DCFC reporter asked him why the talks with Team Anna failed.

He said "We believe not to hear any evil, not to see any evil and not to speak any evil. We are very honest and humble people. The government is full of coarageous and intelligent people."
Team Anna's demand of Jan Lokpal Bill to be taken to Parliament directly for discussion
Pronobda's reply in terms of hear-no-evil was "Wee have forst time heard whhot John Lockpoll Bill was. Wee asked opposition porties to make a bill togather and they agreed. Wee don't know who is Anna Hazare, wee know our constitution told us whhot to hear and that only wee are listening."

Pronobda's reply in terms of see-no-evil was "Wee don't see televisions those aore bad for eyes. Also media peeple make fun off us. Therefore, wee don't know whhot is happening in Romlila Maidon. And indefinite fost is oncoanstitutional and evil. Wee follow Gandhiji's poth of see-no-evil."

Pronobda's reply in terms of speak-no-evil was "Speaking ogainst coanstitution is speaking evil. John Lockpoll Bill supporters speak against coanstitution and wee don't agree. They woant us to allow Lockpoll to monitor MPs and stop corroption for which oll porties ore not ready."

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