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Monday, 1 August 2011

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SibalNama Episode-7 – “Split between 2 best friends, Sibal Uncle accepts Raja’s wrongdoings”

"P Chidambaram (Chiddu Uncle) did not watch A Raja's wrongdoings ("?") with his eyes closed and that his ministry had sent a letter to the PM which said…" inventor of Zero Loss theory, Kapil Sibal (Sibal Uncle) said "there must be a Price-based indexing, but the minister (A Raja) did not comply. The minister later assured the PM that he was following the same policy which had been in place since 2003, since the NDA regime and licenses will be distributed equitably and transparently (ha ha ha)."

However, Sibal Uncle didn't clarify about his sudden realizations of wrongdoings of Tamil movie hero look-a-like great A Raja. Sibal Uncle also kept mum that how suddenly he felt that price-based indexing was the right thing as in earlier sections he talked in details that how auction based pricing was harmful for bringing competition. Uncle's 360 degree turn (about 360 degree turn please read our Episode-6 – "The Turning brains") was not shocking as Raja, last week reiterated the point that Chiddu Uncle and Manuji knew everything about the 2G proposals. DCFC reporter asked a senior Congress leader as why Sibal Uncle looked so painful. He told the reporter that Raja and media are the major reasons. Raja, who didn't obey Sibal Uncle's order to keep his mouth shut and media whose mouth can't be held made him feel miserable.

He said "Uncle invented Zero Loss Theory for this guy (Raja) for which he worked around or even more than 24 hours. Uncle also got support from senior Congress leaders like Salman Khurshid (Salman Bhaai), Diggy Chacha and opposition leaders like Jaswant Singh. Everything was going very fine but this guy was so much in a hurry that Sibal Uncle hardly had any option left."

Clarifying the PM's role, Sibal Uncle said that it was "not the PM's duty to sit in every minister's cabin (no not on head which our ministers don't have) and supervise the proceedings." However, he didn't say anything about PM's role in Indian government apart from his foreign visits.

Declining to comment further on the topic, Sibal Uncle said "It (to comment on A Raja's submissions in the court) is harmful for the media, the democracy and the entire judicial system. The court and only the court will decide on it."

Sibal Uncle also enlightened Indian people on deteriorating stock market scenario and the FDI outflow in India and straightaway blamed media.

"It is because of the media. You people (media) project the things in a very bad light before the people (?)… You create a disillusion (?). If this continues, it would be very harmful for the economy," said Uncle. However, he didn't elaborate on how the media was the only culprit and others like Raja, Kalmadi and Kanimozhi weren't.

He was very furious for the entire role of media. On being asked why the Indians were investing more than 60% outside the country, Uncle said media was to blame for this as it had resulted in tarnishing of the image of India as a country where corruption is rampant. Wow Sibal Uncle, this is not the right thing. You were the only person who came with (idiotic) Zero Loss Theory; you only supported asked court to grant bail to A. Raja; now you only tell us that Manuji and Chiddu Uncle never supported Raja's wrong doings (who was innocent for you sometime back) and entire blame you want to put on media's shoulders. Not justifiable boss.

"Who will invest his money here if he feels that the investment will land him into Tihar?" questioned Sibal.
DCFC reporter asked the Congress leader that does Uncle mean that he feels all the corporate which are in Tihar jail were innocent and they were doing social work by putting (cheap) money in the telecom sector. The Congress leader said that no he didn't mean that way. He was just elaborating that these companies in spite of so much unattractiveness (?) in the sector had invested their money just to increase India's telecom density and lower tariffs, media should not be so much critical every time.
One Congress Party insider said that Sibal Uncle is feeling a lot of problems that because of media attention getting bail to all these billionaires is getting impossible. Earlier Salman Bhaai also stressed on this part that the court (no not court but government) is under pressure because of media which resulted into denial of bail to culprits in 2G scam.

"Media should work within its limits. It's not free speech. It's commercial speech," he advised media.

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