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Thursday, 21 July 2011

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Uma condoles Diggy Chacha says “get well soon brother”

Great Sanyaasi -cum- political leader, BJP's only hope in UP, former Madhya Pradesh CM as like Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) in her humble and kind language said "Brother Diggy get well soon, we feel very sad." In a very emotional outburst, Uma said ""I know him since the age of eight years. He belongs to a very good family and is highly qualified. Personally I feel he is under some pressure. A person like him cannot give such a statement." One BJP leader said that Uma is very kind and humble by her heart she recognizes the pain her brother is facing. She feels that he should get well soon.

Currently in a Mahabharat like war in Uttar Pradesh (for Behenji Uttar Pardes) and brother and sister (as Uma told to reporters) are fighting each other.

Aunt Umaji felt that when Congress itself had distanced itself from Diggy's remarks, there was no point in reacting, indirectly asked other BJP leaders to send greeting cards of commiseration to Diggy Chacha. She felt the party has been not acting with respect to the world's most respectable and most intelligent leader Diggy Chacha.

Bharati has successfully re-inducted herself in BJP (please don't compare with ex-Congressman and great Orissa leader Matang Singh).  One party insider said Uma also felt bad about Matang Singh re-induction and expulsion drama that Congress party spokesperson Mr. Manish Tewari is playing.

"His statement is not worth commenting. But, at the personal level and as his younger sister I have doubts that he is under some pressure. Otherwise, a wise person does not speak like this," the firebrand Hindutva leader said.

Moving to the RSS she said "the RSS is a great social organisation and its contribution can never be forgotten." Congress party leader denied all her claims. Diggy Chacha's supporter said that there is no proof as Diggy Chacha Private Intelligence Bureau has already investigated. Even no report from AC Nielsen, Frost & Sullivan and Gartner kind of organizations are available on the net.
Aunt said with a deep grim voice "It is up to the Congress to deliberate what pressure he (Digvijay) is facing whether it is international (?) or mental or some psychological disorder." We have not got any clarity that what international pressure Diggy Chacha is facing. We are investigating so that our readers will be updated through Diggy Chacha's coverage list.

She also suggested Madamji that he should be rested for a while as he has been doing a lot of work over last few months. Please go through Diggy Chacha's list of coverage. However, her words to Madamji were little bit insensitive. She said even after this if Congress president Sonia Gandhi did not remove him from the post of General Secretary, then this showed her weakness. However, her supporter said that it came out of her emotions.

"Equating RSS with terror will not cause any harm to the organisation, but such statements will bolster the morale of terrorist organisations," the BJP leader said expressing her worries regarding the impact of statements made by Diggy Chacha.

"Even a common man will not give such a statement," she said.

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