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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

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Two Gandhians; Opposition is not happy with one and Ruling party is not with one

Over last 6 months, India has witnessed emergence of two Gandhians (one of them has name Gandhi as well). Both these Gandhians used the ways that Gandhiji showed to entire nation during this period. One Gandhian, Mr. Anna Hazare announced fast unto death in April while the other one Mr. Rahul Gandhi had 5 day padyatra to break a draconian rule of British ideological BSP’s Uttar Pradesh (Pardes in Behenji’s words) government. Both have very novel intentions.

We tried to talk to various people about these two gentlemen and received mix replies.

Most intelligent person on the earth, Congress General Secretary and Rahul Baba’s Guru Mr. Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) said “Rahul Baba’s padyatra (foot march) has increased the faith of farmers that Gandhi still exists and he is there to prosper farmers.” This rally reminded him Gandhiji’s Dandi Yatra, which he couldn’t able to see. “Gandhiji walked 24 day, 240 mile (390 km) march to produce salt without paying the tax and Rahul Baba walked 5 days for the rights of farmers in UP,” Chacha said in Congress Party Meeting at celebration of the success of padyatra with clearing his tears.

Diggy Chacha however, considered Anna Hazare as a fake Gandhian and said, “He is used by RSS. At this age he should not go on fast and take a retirement.” He also warned Anna by saying, “Fast is a most undemocratic way in any Democracy to push for government’s decisions. Gandhiji used these techniques when India was not liberated. As now India is liberated so we should respect the democratic ways and processes.”

Minister of State for PMO and Parliamentary Affairs V.Narayanasamy claimed Rahul Gandhi's "timely intervention" in the farmers' agitation in Uttar Pradesh against Chief Minister Mayawati's 'anti-farmer' policies had prevented her government from taking repressive measures against them. He further raised the sensitive issue confidently that Diggy Chacha raised some time back that Rahul Gandhi would emerge as Prime Minister in future as he was always 'poor friendly'.

He maintained his strong stand about Anna Hazare that Mr. Hazare was not at all Gandhian and was functioning under instigation from BJP.

Opposition Leader Ms. Uma Bharti, the person who commented Diggy Chacha as Rahul’s stepney gave a very cold remark on Rahul Baba’s padyatra. She said, “Rahul's padyatra is of no consequence.” Avoiding any controversy by maintaining direct name of Mahatma Gandhiji, Uma said, “Rahul Gandhi does not possess the same political height as veteran social activist Anna Hazare.” She said, "The height which Anna Hazare has I don't believe that Rahul Gandhi has the same (political) height. He has got the same kind of media attention, but media attention does not give height also."

She said its government’s hypocrisy, that one movement is Gandhian and another is anti-democratic. She said "Many good people have associated themselves with the movement, like Anna Hazare who is as pure as water of River Ganges and Baba Ramdev. But the way his (Ramdev) campaign was crushed even during the days of emergency things did not happen like this." However, she kept mum about the BJP’s stand towards supporting Civil Society’s Jan Lokpal Bill.

Uttar Pradesh (Pardes) Chief Minister Bahan Kumari Mayawati said, “Sab nautanki hai. To divert attention of the people from corruption and price rise, which was a gift of faulty economic policies of UPA government, Congress is involved in enacting ‘natak’ (drama) and people should be made aware about it.”

Maharashtra based Shiv Sena has a different but sarcastic view. If Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was so concerned about farmers' land issues and their harassment, he should visit Jaitapur in Maharashtra and lead the agitation of the local farmers and fishermen against the proposed nuclear power plant there, Shiv Sena issued statement. Sena President Uddhav Thackeray said, “Rahul should visit Jaitapur and lead the agitation. We will also join in.” "On one hand, you undertake padyatra for farmers in Uttar Pradesh, and on the other, take farmers' lives here. Stop this drama. If you have courage, fight for Jaitapur farmers. We will leave political differences aside and join you," Uddhav said.

According to BJP source, Party President Nitin Gadkari had a long discussion with Mr. Thackeray whether the statement he made he meant that. Source also told that Gadkari was stressing not to give his name in the list for footmarch. He will not join as he can’t walk so much and prefers only Shavasan learnt from Baba Ramdev.

Leader of high profile socialites and a big corporate honcho who is regular in Page - 3 meetings, Mr. Viccky Shenoy said, “Rahul Baba has a fair chance to become Prime Minister. His rally will definitely take the support from the farmers. We shall ask him to cut down the entertainment tax and custom duties on foreign made liquors.” He further said “We believe Rahul Baba is a true Gandhian as his name suggest.” He proved his claims by providing some calculations. He said, “Gandhiji completed his footmarch in 24 days while Rahul in 5 days. He already showed that he has 20% of capabilities that Gandhiji achieved.”
For Anna, Mr. Shenoy said, “He should be flexible. Actually, I am not really aware of his demands but still I feel if Government is taking so much steps to remove corruption and bring Lokpal Bill theny why he is so much bothered about.” 

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