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Thursday, 24 May 2012

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Rahul Gandhi turned 42 years old from 39 during last 3 years of UPA-II government


Opposition said the government is hiding real mental age of Rahul Baba to attract vote bank

After a much of criticism that UPA-II government was inactive during its tenure of past 3 years and hardly took steps to reduce inflation and combat slowing growth, the government finally revealed that Rahul Gandhi, India's heart-throb and sex symbol for teenage girls and boys, divorcee, unmarried, married and widows of India finally turned 42 years old from 39 when UPA government elected 2nd time in the row.

"Isn't that an achievement?" asked Telecom minister Kapil Sibal who also wrote world renowned zero loss theory during last three years. He denied that the increasing age is an automatic process and credited to government's mature decisions during the last three years which helped Rahul Baba, also known as Amul Baby, accelerate his age.

Kapil Sibal gave examples of two extreme cases of Bollywood.

"Watch Abhishek Bachchan whose age is still as it is despite he became papa of a girl child while Shahid Kapoor suddenly started looking older by 10- 15 years in just a time frame of 2 years. Therefore, its UPA's persistent efforts, increased Rahul Baba's age by 3 years in last 3 years."

According to sources, Congress Party also measured Baba's mental age which surprisingly touched 82 years as like Auro from the movie Paa, more than India's prime minister Manmohan Singh, aged 80 years.

"Yes that is correct and therefore I told media that he is capable of becoming India's prime minister. But RSS supported media complained it to Madamji and therefore our plans to give a birth day gift to Baba was shelved," said Party spokesperson and general secretary Digvijay Singh said.

However, opposition party refused to accept that Rahul Baba's age has no way related to the development or no development made by UPA government.

"Rahulji's age is not account of UPA government and it was out of natural process. Congress Party is just trying play her cards and luring the mid-life crisis voters," said Sushma Swaraj, senior BJP leader to India Satire correspondent.

According to data, 50% of India's huge middle aged population suffers from mid-life crisis.

She also suggested that there was no laboratory report on his blood sugar levels, cholesterol and testosterone levels to prove that his mental age is more than Manmohan Singh's physical age.

Uma Bharati said "Diggyji aakho mein dhul jhok rahe hai. They have nothing to show what they have done over past 3 years that is why the party is showing that Rahul Gandhi has become 42 years old from 39 years."

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