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Thursday, 24 May 2012

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Pranab Mukherjee spent a night outside his house after hike in petrol prices


His spouse Surva didi was furious after Pranabda claimed he has no control over inflation

India's finance minister Pranab Mukherjee spent entire night outside his house, after his furious spouse, Surva didi told him to get lost punishing Dada for making the unreasonable comments on the hike of petrol prices, news leaked with India Satire correspondent by a source close to Pranabda.

"Pranabda spent entire night at the doors of the house. He was walking in the garden of the house, making phone calls and finally slept in the garage just near to his car," said gardener of Pranabda's house.

He said that while what happened inside the house he was unaware of he was eye witnessed of entire movement of Pranabda outside the house.

A cook, Ramkisan Pandey said "When Pranabda came home he had to face furious Surva didi. Didi at the first instance only told Dada to get lost from her house. Despite Dada tried to convince her she was in no mood to listen to it."

Cook informed that Surva didi told him to spare food for two days a week and would be allowed to eat rasagulla on bi-monthly basis. However, food lover Pranabda resented and was asked to leave home immediately.

After many requests, Surva didi agreed to give an interview to India Satire correspondent for talking on the topic.

"I am the one and only who bear the burn of the fuel prish hike. How can he told he hash no control over the prishes?" asked Surva didi.

She told "Every time when I tell him go and buy food and vegetables he avoids it saying that he hash to meet Madamji dishkoshing futore thingsh. He hash lhot of work and hall that bollshit. How moch I tolorate him? I alsho ashked him shtop thish nonshense of preshidenshial electionsh, spending time with Korunanidhi, Momata didi and do shome work in the finansh minishtry but he alwaysh hash shome or other reason. When finolly he told me that he hash no control over petrol prishes and they are deregulated commodities. I ashked him get-out of my house. Get lost!"

Gardener said "After Pranabda was thrown out of the house, he was in dilemma on what to do. He asked me where he can go to spend the night. I told him to ask Madamji. He called Madamji who told him that Rahul Baba bought a new puzzle book and if he wants to come to home he had to spend a night with Baba solving his puzzles which Pranabda humbly denied."

Gardener also revealed India Satire correspondent that Pranabda called India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
"Manmohanji told Pranabda that he himself had a lot of work to do on account of a record hike in petrol prices. He has to clean the floors of the house, then required to cook the food, clean the plates and other cutleries, if Pranabda wanted to come home he would also require to help him out in all these things and finally he would have to share whatever abuse Manmohanji would get from his wife," told the gardener.

Gardener said "Finally, with heavy hearted, Pranabda decided to sleep in the balcony near the door of the house and in the morning he accepted all the conditions of Surva didi and took the entry in the house."

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