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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

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Cockroaches and rats died more than last year due to high inflation and falling rupee


Worst is not over yet, both the cockroach and rats lobby joined hands protesting against fuel price hike

Worst of the nightmare of the UPA-II government has not yet completed. An independent survey conducted by Insects Survey Association (ISA) said that 20% more cockroaches and 15% more rats died out of hunger, as rising inflation and falling rupee hurt their daily routine.

Deepak Sharma, a whole time surveyor and researcher on all the important insects in human life said "India is a largest hub for cockroaches but its now squeezing because of UPA government's performance. Many cockroaches as well as rats are not been getting food because the human beings started consuming less food and thereby stopped wastages out of high inflation."

He said that both these insect communities are integral part of human life and required to be preserved carefully.
"I had 15 cockroaches last year and 10 rats in my house now only 12 cockroaches and 8 rats remained," Sharma said.

Sharma also gave insight to India Satire correspondent that most of the cockroaches missed their favorite Alphonso (popularly known as Hapoos) mango through out the season as the prices were astonishingly inflated.

Tar Tarrr cockroach, president of Cockroach Lobby in India, who resides in Dr. Manmohan Singh's house said "Whatever Sharma was telling is 100% true. Even I witnessed a sharp reduction in our population and therefore we demand special privillege for our community, and should be inducted into food security bill."

He added that though cockroaches like him which stays in special apartments of great and honorable ministers of UPA-II government and have not really faced severe inflationary situation, their brothers who resides in other citizens, excluding parliamentary people faced huge crisis.

Tar Tarrr said "I asked Manmohanji to consider our demands and grant us special reservation in food security bill. After discussing with his Madamji, he humbly said that he would grant such status and will allow our community to use Food Corporation of India's godowns which have huge amount of food inventory. He said that though Indian citizens are facing such food crisis problem, UPA-II government is committed towards neglected communities and cockroaches will be well fed."

Other insects such as mosquitoes reported a sharp rise in death on account of falling blood levels of Indians.

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