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Thursday, 24 May 2012

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Mamata Banerjee showed she is not paranoid and psychzophrenic by not pulling out her support to UPA despite hike in petrol prices


After her stand, researchers suggest not to call her Hitler didi but Mamata didi

According to researchers, Mamata didi is not paranoid and psychzophrenic which was widely believed during last one year, after she said that she won't wield pullout axe against UPA government when it raised petrol prices by record hike.

Researchers of Unnecessary and No-work People Association of India (UNPAI) gave astonishing results. The association is independent research agency and 90% of the time is non-functional and works when there are un-necessary things to talk about.

"There was a wide belief that Mamata didi is a bit paranoid and behaves in a similar way Nana Patekar behaves in his movies, totally non-sensible," said Pankaj Udhas, President of UNPAI.

He said "However, when we saw the statement that Mamata didi today recorded in press media, we got astonished. She was behaving totally in contrast of her natural behavior, sensibly. Therefore, we decided to remove the tag line of paranoid Hitler didi from her name and would keep it as Mamata didi only."

According to TMC insiders, Mamata didi would pull out her support of UPA government when the oil companies will increase prices to Rs 120 per liter in the year 2014, at the time when the elections at center are to be held.

"However, right now it was a party time and just a good leader should keep his voice shut and spend the entire long period conserving energy and short period of elections in utilising it," said Pankaj Udhas.

Sources said that the India Satire Correspondent who reported this story is under a search of CBI and Intelligence Bureau, as West Bengal CM received the copy of this story before releasing it.

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