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Monday, 28 May 2012

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Depressed N Srinivasan found drinking Vijay Mallya's Royal Challenge Whisky instead of filter coffee


Announced concrete pitches made by his India Cements from next IPL

Facing triple whammy of slowing cement industry, gay son's public demonstration and losing the crown of IPL, depressed BCCI Chief and owner of Chennai Super Kings N Srinivasan drank Vijay Mallya manufactured Royal Challenge whisky instead of filter coffee, said sources.

"Yes, Srini Saar asked me Royal Challenge whisky and drank neat," said Bar Tender Vijay Krishnan.

"I told him filter coffee was available, as like other bars in Tamil Nadu but he refused coffee and persuaded only upon whisky and that too Royal Challenge," said Krishnan.

Sources said that after losing the match to Kolkata Knight Riders, Srinivasan felt that he was on the same boat of Vijay Mallya, who was earlier poked by him.

"Srini saar offered his apologies to Mallya and said that he was now feeling so much depressed as Mallya is," said a cleaner of Srinivasan's house.

Both have idiot sons, losing teams in IPL despite capabilities and falling businesses.

When India Satire contacted N Srinivasan, his family earlier refused to allow him to meet, as there was a strong hang over in his mind after his team Chennai Super Kings (CSK) lost to Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). However, after a lot of persuasion Srinivasan gave a brief interview to the correspondent.

"I am feeling like I lost to KRK, oh sorry KKR and not CSK. My cement business is already dwindling out of oversupply slow demand situation. Nobody knows when will Competition Commission will slap a big fine on me for allegation of price cartelization and that idiot Ashwin, who is dumb like Siddharth Mallya, you would not understand how much pain I am feeling," said N Srinivasan with wet eyes.

Talking about his future plans, Srinivasan said "I talked with Mahi (Mahendra Singh Dhoni) that how would be it if we convert all the pitches into concrete pitches made of cement manufactured by India Cements (Srinivasan's cement company). This would provide great kind of pitches to our team and also bailout my own company. However, he asked me when his term was ending with CSK. Nobody understands my problem."

Sources said that after his apologies, broad hearted Vijay Mallya told Srinivasan supplying all kinds and varieties of liquors and added him to a list of honorable socialites who are deserved to get Kingfisher Calendars to make the sadness light.

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