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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

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Aamir Khan to discuss problems of audience of reality TV shows in the next episode of Satyamev Jayate


Torturous reality shows cause for depression to 60% of total TV viewers in India

Aamir Khan will discuss the problems of India's television  (TV) audience who watches or forcibly require to watch reality tv shows. Survey suggests that reality shows cause at least 25 crore people living under severe depression and irritation kind of situation, creating a negativity feeling.
"Yes... Our next episode of Satyamev Jayate will be on the torture and serious mental trauma created by different reality shows on Indian television sets," said Aamir Khan in an interview to India TV.

He said "Loosely, the statistics are out of more than 42 crore TV viewers, 60%, i.e. 25 crore viewers are seriously damaged their brain cells by watching or forcibly watching the reality shows. This is really shocking statistics in a country like India."

Taking the few names like Roadies, various dance and singing programmes that includes children shows too, comedy shows which hardly able to make laugh Indian audience and marriage bureau related programmes, which includes Vina ki shaadi, Aamir Khan said that the content is so idiotic that most of the Indian viewers lost their understanding ability and they are now resembling with opposite sex or kids.

Last week, Aamir discussed the problems of dowry. However, watching reality shows and behaving like idiots is a bigger problem than any other problems in India. Aamir Khan confirmed this.

He said "I have talked with Vasant Srinivas, a Bangalore based tech professional who is a Roadies fan. His wife told Satyamev Jayate that this guy has cut all his beautiful curly hair and now he is bald and shows attitude like those two takloos in Roadies."

Talking about other programs in a special interview with Rajat Sharma, TV's most famous reality show news channel, Aamir Khan said "One mother called Rachna from Gujarat is practicing how to cry spontaneously when TV host say something. There are many private coaching classes to learn the art of mastering emotions in reality TV shows."

India TV editor Rajat Sharma, which does extensive survey before reporting any breaking news said "Reality shows affect brain cells in a different way, they block sensible things to reach to brain cells while stupidity reaches in a faster way."
Veena Malik before her vivah

Rajat Sharma shared his own experience with Aamir Khan in the interview. He said his brother's kid Chimpoo, whose age was barely 6 years wanted to apply for the reality TV show Veena Ka Vivah, which was sheer ridiculous.

Veena Malik at the time of her vivah
Rajat Sharma said "It took days to convince him don't go for Veena Aunty, we shall find him out a good girl when he reaches marriageable age." 

Aamir Khan said "While males are more victimized by these reality shows, as after reaching home from the office, they have to watch these shows with their mummy or wife makes they lack of enthusiastic or behaving stupidly in the office. More than 56% out of total 25 crore victims are male while rests are female."

He said that females are mostly sucked of the reality shows like IPL and wrestling and lengthy discussions about IPL at home and office.

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