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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

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Priyadarshan announces his next Bollywood flick Billa Baba on similar lines with Billu Barber


Sense of poverty reflected from Billa in the interactions opens up a new Billa Baba story

While everybody was wondering over exactly what Billawal Bhutto Zardari had learnt from Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Baba), India's one of the most successful directors Priyadarshan announced a new Bollywood movie on the similar lines with his earlier blockbuster Billu Barber.

"The name of the movie would be Billa Baba and story will be one Indian hot celebrity / political leader who is dedicated to empower dalits and aam admis will visit a lesser known politician in Pakistan," Priyadarshan gave an idea about his flick.

He said "The movie is based on love and care and high drama of humanity."

Priyadarshan confirmed India Satire correspondent that the whole idea is based on the interaction between the two hot teenagers in India and Pakistan, copies of which he received from the government of India. He told that to initiate the process of direction he got meeting clipping from the government. Though, he avoided divulging any more details, he told correspondent that there were many instances why he chooses Billu Barber as base story. Priyadarshan told India Satire correspondent that on many instances Billawal Bhutto Zardari (BBZi) felt poor in front of Rahul Baba.

Seeking confirmation from India Satire correspondent about confidentiality, he showed the clipping of the meeting.

So what made Priyadarshan to write Billu Barber Again?

1.     Rahul Baba has beta versions of i-Pad 4 (launch date in 2013) and i-Phone 6 (launch date is not yet decided, i-
Phone 5 will be launched in October) while Billawal (Billa) had Samsung Galaxy phone's recent version and i-Pad 

2.     Rahul Baba showed him how he attended lunch of poorest of poor while Billa never attended snacks party or even tea party at aam Pakistani's home.

3.     Rahul Baba's diet which includes 28-days padyatra also amazed Billa.

4.     Billa was amazed to see there were to servants to take orders whose names were Diggy Chacha and Sibbu uncle.

5.     He noticed that Diggy Chacha was himself eager to serve after every 10- 15 minutes with loft of butter on brown bread and hot glass of Bournvita in a 1ltr glass, juices, etc.

6.     He noticed that after every 10 odd minutes PM Manmohan Singh used to come to him and was asking that Zardari said this so please ask mummy what he should tell to Zardari.

7.     Baba never asked about Hina Rabbani Khar during entire meeting while one bbuddha named SM Krishna was telling Papa to send her so that relations at diplomatic levels will improve drastically.

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