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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

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BREAKING NEWS: Facebook cancels acquisition of Instagram


Irritated by views of satirists, top management of Facebook felt no value in the company

Irritated by views of satirists, Facebook top management rolled back its decision of buying photo-sharing company Instagram, as it felt there is no or little value in the company than it was paying for.

Development came after, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook read irritating and humiliating remarks on the net over his acquisition deal by many satirists. Few India's local news satires also mentioned that Facebook will purchase Railway's IRCTC now or Some satires told that after taking the money from Facebook, 6 partners who started Instagram will start new photo sharing applications.

Mark Zuckerberg who treat himself as one of the most brilliant netizens started sucking his own brain, as why did he announced such acquisition. He immediately called his top management and told them to stop here and cancel the acquisition. As usual, the management nodded their heads in affirmative terms and gave a press release.

By the time, Kapil Sibal (India's brave and unique Telecom Minister) sent a notice to Facebook asking the popular social networking site to pre-screen all the photos before allowing them to submit on their own website. There should not be any photo with mask of Sibal, Rahul Baba, Madamji or Manmohanji.

Reactions of netizens on announcement of Facebook's acquisition of Instagram

Bhaskar Pandey: "Funny! He he he"

Robert Alwa: "Feel like fart! Suckingly funny…"

Albert Rhodes: "Mark could have bought camera from me… stu*id"

R Ramalingam: "Funny"

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